This Course, delivered by Aniagolu Chioma, will teach you how you can earn money from Agriculture without you yourself owning a Farm. This pre-purchase will be open from now till the 31st of October 2020 before the price of the course increases so hurry now and make this pre-purchase before the price moves to 15,0000.

Follow Aniagolu Chioma as she teaches on how to make money from Agriculture without owning a farm.

AGROMONEY: How to make money from Agriculture without owning a farm in 4 weeks.

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  • The agricultural value chain
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There is a reason why it is valid to make money from agriculture without owning a farm, there are tips you should notes as you journey to this money making strategy and this is what is being addressed on this module.

On this module, we would be looking out on the five major ways of making money without owning a farm, while addressing the customers types, location and the best marketing strategy to access them.

Drawing your Action plan is very important in making money and on this module we would address how you should start off.

you need motivation to grow and you need to understand people are doing it hence you can. On this final module, you would learn all support systems available.

What will learn?

  • 1.You will know how to earn money from Agriculture without the necessity of owing a Farm
  • 2. You would know the different strategies for making money from agriculture
  • 3. you would also learn about investment platforms in the agricultural space.

Material Includes

  • 1. Slides on 25 business in agriculture beyond farming
  • 2. Ebook on introduction to agric-business
  • 3. Ebook on paths to selecting and setting up an agricultural business
  • 4. Ebook on journey to agricultural investing.

Target Audience

  • Those who want to make money from Agriculture


  • 1.Have an active internet source
  • 2. Willingness to practice