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Our Story

We are an agricultural based company focused on increasing interest of youth and investors through digitalized knowledge, information and community development..

Our team at agrodemy is focused, vibrant and dedicated personnel focused on providing impact, increasing interest in agricultural business and revolutionizing agricultural business sector though creativity and innovation.


To increase interest in agriculture and agric-related business through educative and interactive learning medium and creative art


To make agricultural sector the most productive sector for hunger reduction, food availability, job creation and creative entertainment.


 We give you world class contents based agric business information and knowledge that can be implemented locally.

We know it cost heavily to learn agric business offline, but with our creative and experienced content developer we are able to digitalize these to enable proximity and flexibility. We believe that by digitalizing content, we have more reach especially to youth hereby increasing interest in agric-business which in-turn increases productivity, income and reduce hunger.


Agrodemy is basically in providing agricultural business knowledge through an interactive user surface, providing certification for both professional and diploma courses on agricultural business. We are also an advertisement platform for agropreneurs, agric investment platforms and agro-tech startups as we have a growing community of agric business lover, researchers, and agropreneurs


Quality; We Provide Local Contents That Meets Global Standards

Innovation; Innovative Agric-Business Content

 Accuracy; Accurate Contents and Accuracy Oriented Team

Productivity; Produce Content Massively To Keep Users Updated

Service; We Provide Services with Customers as Priority.                                                    


E-learning and certification-Agrodemy provides its users of the site with interactive course content with instructional models such as text, audio, videos ,slides and self assessment duly provided by trained researchers and editors who are professionals in Agricultural business with certification.

Community-Agrodemy provides its Users of this site a community experience using message boards, chat rooms and emails. This would build an ongoing profile of our customers that would provide value added marketing and demographic data to measure success.

Directory-Agrodemy Users would be provided with listing of farms, consultants, veterinary doctors and all possible professional listings for easy accessibility and communication for production related problems.

Advertisement- Agrodemy Users get to see innovative tech startups making agricultural businesses much easier and interesting with the procedures around how they can be accessed through an advertisement platform channeled to agro-tech startups, agric service providers and farms.